Nā Lei ナーレイとは、ハワイ語で“沢山のレイ”という意味。


人と自然との繋がりにしっかりと向き合い、一つ一つ丁寧に、愛を込めて社会活動を行っていきたいという気持ちから、Nā Leiという社名にしました。みんなの笑顔をたくさん繋いでいきます。

Our goal is to create a cycle of happiness for the natural environment and all living things, while giving back to the earth on which we live. 

Nā Lei means "many leis" in Hawaiian.

It is an important custom that has existed since ancient times, and is offered with feelings of gratitude and respect.

We chose the company name "Nā Lei" to reflect our desire to engage in social activities with love and care, one by one, while firmly focusing on the connection between people and nature.

We will continue to bring many smiles to everyone's faces.